hq Project Update

Your support has made this project financially feasible. Thank you. We are now at the mercy of ordinance, historic landmarks, and a slow moving administrative process.

After continued work with the design architect and existing restrictions on door way swings, alcove designs, and a renegade tension cable from a power pole we have submitted final designs and proposal for an additional alley way entrance for special events. The meeting is set for August 10. With this approval we will be set for construction permit filing and the construction will begin in September. hq will be operational come film fest!

The process has been draining on resources and time and has extended way beyond the original scope but EOFF and a multitude of community members are dedicated to seeing this come to pass. EOFF looks forward to hiring a part to full time administrative staff in the coming year to help grow our vision. Your continued support is by becoming a EOFF member is appreciated and will directly go to achievement of this goal.

For context this article in The La Grande Observer.

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