Almost in Love

Directed by Sam Neave

a love story in two takes
A love story shot in two single, continuous 40 minute takes set eighteen months apart: the first over a sunset, the second over a sunrise. Sasha has been in love with Mia for years.

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The Taqwacores

Website:   “1 of the 10 Best Films from Sundance 2010” – Time Out London Synopsis: Yusef, a first-generation Pakistani engineering student, moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new “unorthodox” housemates soon introduce him to Taqwacore – a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene that only exists on […]

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Putty Hill

Playing Friday, October 22: 8:30pm “In a way rarely seen, “Putty Hill” says all that can be said about a few days in the lives of its characters without seeming to say very much at all. It looks closely, burrows deep, considers the way in which lives have become pointless and death therefore less meaningful. […]

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Daddy Longlegs

DADDY LONGLEGS Website: “Daddy Longlegs may shock you, but it will also make you re-examine your ideas about parenthood, and what it means to be a father.” – Newsweek Synopsis: Every year, Lenny gets to spend two weeks with his two young sons. He juggles his kids, work, and everything else within a midtown […]

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