dir. Matthieu Ritz
2018, Canada, 77:00 mins, Nonfiction

What if your country was swallowed by the sea?

The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati (population: 100,000) is one of the most remote places on the planet, seemingly far-removed from the pressures of modern life. Yet it is one of the first countries that must confront the main existential dilemma of our time: imminent annihilation from sea-level rise.

While Kiribatiā€™s President Anote Tong races to find a way to protect his nationā€™s people and maintain their dignity, many Kiribati are already seeking safe harbor overseas.

Set against the backdrop of international climate and human rights negotiations, Anoteā€™s struggle to save his nation is intertwined with the extraordinary fate of Tiemeri, a young mother of six, who fights to migrate her family to New Zealand. At stake is the survival of Tiemeriā€™s family, the Kiribati people, and 4,000 years of Kiribati culture.

The Trailer

The Filmmaker

Matthieu is a producer, curator, photographer and director. A visual anthropologist by training, for ten years his passion for photography and ethnology has led him across the globe to photograph cultural and human diversity.