2011 Films

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is proud to announce the 2011 Official Film Selections to be screened at the Granada Theater in historic downtown La Grande. Featured films for this yearʼs program include the NW Premiere of Jon Foyʼs Sundance winning documentary ʻResurrect Deadʼ, the West Coast Premiere of Tristan Pattersonʼs moving and intimate SXSW winner, ʻDragonslayerʼ, and Evan Glodell’s innovative and thrilling low-budget phenom, ʻBellflowerʼ.   View the complete schedule.

2011 Official Short Film Selections

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles


Cirkus Columbia

The Last Mountain



Bad Fever

Nobody Cares

Press Pause Play