#EOFF2018 • October 18-20, 2018


Thank you to all who came out for our eighth annual, #EOFF2017. The filmmakers, the musicians, the press, the people -- we send hugs. We had a wonderfully successful year! Full of major leaps and learn-from stumbles Eastern Oregon Film Festival garnered more members than ever and now has a programmable space all year long!

Festival Awards

“We are thrilled to announce the winners of #EOFF2017 — the 8th Annual film festival that finished up over the weekend in La Grande, OR. The films here have been selected through an intimate, if somewhat unconventional process. Gauging audience response, laughter and amusement, lobby buzz, and late night conversations — we did our very best to determine which films resonated the most with the community. With this, we present this year’s winners. Enjoy!” — Ian Clark, Program Director
Audience Choice Award(s): EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS FAR AWAY (dir. Pete Ohs) FRANK AND ZED (dir. Jesse Blanchard) LET ME DIE A NUN (dir. Sarah Salovaara)< SYLVIO (dir. Albert Birney & Kentucker Audley)
Spirit of EOFF aka DIY Award: WHAT CHILDREN DO (dir. Dean Peterson)
Best Short(s): GREAT CHOICE (dir. Robin Comisar) MANILLA DEATH SQUAD (dir. Dean Colin Marcial)

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